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Renewable Energy

Capitalize on green energy innovations Renewable energy is derived from sources that are naturally replenished, and can therefore continue to generate electricity subject to natural conditions. It differs from sources of energy that are finite and will eventually run out, led by fossil fuels, which cannot be replenished once extracted.…
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Electrify Everything! The United States supercharged electrification policy in 2021 as policymakers, utilities, and corporations tapped fast-falling technology costs to expand electrified transportation and appliance options for consumers. The policy opens up an investment opportunity with an over $20 billion input from the government to the Industry. “Electrifying everything” by replacing…
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Digital Ownership This is the future of ownership. All asset ownership will be valued, secured and verified via blockchain technology. A non-fungible token (NFT) is a digital asset that represents a real-world asset. You might have heard of a “non-fungible” asset. A non-fungible asset is an asset that is unique…
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Dirty Money, Earth Laundry The U.S. generates nearly 300 million tons of residential and commercial municipal solid waste each year from households, restaurants, businesses, schools, and hospitals. The first thing most of us learned as children about protecting the environment was reduce, reuse, recycle. Those enduring principles are particularly relevant…
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Bio Chemicals

Bio Energy, Bio Engineering Biobased chemicals offer a sustainable alternative to chemicals based on fossil feed stocks. Developed from biomass, these chemicals can be structurally identical to existing chemicals (‘drop-in’ chemicals) or have new structures that offer new opportunities. Examples of biobased chemicals Alcohols and acids Biohydrogen Diols and diacids…
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Trading & Crypto

Forex, Stocks & Cryptocurrency Investors have several options when deciding how to trade forex. They can invest directly by trading in the spot market where you buy the underlying currency itself at an agreed price in exchange for another currency. Alternatively, investors can trade derivative instruments within forex markets, like…
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