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Month: May 2024

Five Things the Movie Her Got Wrong, and a Bit Right

by Michael Khoo, climate disinformation program directorOriginally posted on Tech Policy Press OpenAI CEO Sam Altman tweeted the movie title Her earlier this month in advance of the launch of his company’s GPT-4.o chatbot. One of the voices available for the audio version of the conversational system was Sky, a chatbot that sounded a…
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Are Your Internet Habits Killing the Planet?

by Arielle Samuelson, HEATED journalistOriginally posted on HEATED. Header image courtesy of Netflix. This weekend I binged Bridgerton, Netflix’s raunchy, Regency-ish romcom. Along with 45 million other people, I tuned in to find out if incisive, socially-awkward gossip columnist Penelope Featherington could win the heart of her lovable, pirate cosplaying…
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