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Month: March 2023

Indigenous Leader Faces Murder Attempt, Death Threats Amid Intensifying Land Grabbing and Deforestation in the Brazilian Cerrado

Agribusiness companies operating in the Brazilian Cerrado continue to drive violence, intimidation, and dispossession against Indigenous leaders, traditional communities and environmental human rights defenders (EHRDs). The Brazilian Cerrado is home to Indigenous, Quilombola (Afro-descendant), and peasant communities that depend on the land for sustenance, culture and livelihood. Known as the…
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Managing to Fight Disinformation

Originally posted by Tech Policy Press. by Michael Khoo and Lauren Guite Disinformation is a threat to the stability of democracy and undermines our ability to tackle nearly every problem we face — from addressing climate change to securing LGBTQ+ rights to ensuring public health. Given the pervasiveness of the…
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